The Effects of Effort Feedback and L2 Task Attributions on Task Engagement and Performance


  • Joseph S. Yamazaki


second language learning, task attributions, effort feedback, task engagement, task performance


Despite their well-established connections to student motivation and to learning outcomes, attributions, particularly at the task-level, have not garnered much attention in L2 learning research. However, research evidence in educational psychology (e.g., Stajkovic & Sommer, 2000) suggests that L2 task attributions may affect subsequent task engagement and performance. L2 task engagement is a construct studied extensively in recent L2 learning research because of its association with high-quality task performance and learning outcomes. The primary objective of this work-in-progress study is to clarify this potential link between L2 task attributions, engagement, and performance. In addition, the effect of effort feedback on these three constructs is also investigated. Previous research (e.g., Amemiya & Wang, 2018) has documented that effort feedback typically used with good intentions by L2 teachers may, in fact, backfire and exert negative influences on how individuals shape task attributions, which in turn lead to poor-quality task engagement and performance. A within-group quasi-experimental research design will be adopted for these purposes, and 120 Japanese high school students will be recruited. Participants will be divided into two groups to counterbalance the order of effort feedback provision. Three reading tasks from the EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency, Grade Pre-2, will be used, and time on task will be recorded as an indicator of task engagement. After performing the tasks, the participants will receive effort feedback and report their task attributions. The relationship between effort feedback, task attributions, engagement, and performance will be analyzed through hierarchical multiple regression analyses.



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